Not  All Essential Oils Are Created Equal

What should I look for when selecting a good brand of oils?

Look for a brand that owns their farms, is highly recognized in the essential oils industry, find one that is so safe hospitals use.  Find a brand that is safe to ingest and has doesn't expire.  If  you are looking at an oil and it has an expiration date that is a red flag to not use it, that means it has toxic additives or extenders  in it to make it cheaper and smell nice.  It is a perfume  or food grade oil, not for medicinal purposes.  It could even be a third distillation. A real essential oil is so potent that when you open the bottle you can smell it across the room! You want an oil that is from the first distillation and distilled for the correct amount of hours, temperature etc and tested multiple times. 

Look for a brand that has a seed to seal promise.  A brand that is committed to farming, cultivating and distillation practices.  A brand that only grows seed purchased its place of origin.  One that distills the crops very close to the harvesting plots to insure they are distilling the most potent plant possible.  Find a company that is willing to throw out an entire batch if it isn't to the highest quality.  


Find a company that tests each batch of oils several times and also by  a third party.  

Find a brand that is highly researched by the medical community,  is  a highly respected source of studies among the medical community, with over 13,000 articles on Young Living Essential Oils.  This brand is so safe that many hospitals use  it in the US and internationally for cancer and other health issues.  No other brand is even considered because the quality is not there.  Young Living is the most researched and most respected oil in the industry.

For more information on Seed to Seal  check out .

​Getting Started With Essential Oils

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 TIP: If you really want to build a nice collection for a toxic free home.  I highly suggest going the wholesale route and getting the Premium Starter Kit  that has 11 essential oils, free diffuser and samples.  That is how I started and these are the oils that our family truly uses  everyday.   With this starter kit, you will gain access to a VIP group where  can continue  your essential oils education and I'll give you a nice welcome gift!.  

 Also, if you think you may want to keep oils on hand and don't want to run out, I suggest enrolling in the Essential Rewards Program where you  can earn points toward free oils.  That is what I suggest doing to get  wonderful expensive oils on your wish list.  

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I know first hand that Young Living is as true as they say they are.  Here is a photo journal of the Seed to Seal promise they give all of us, from my recent trip to one of their farms in Mona, Utah. 


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