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My Story

Why did I start using essential oils for the health of my family? 

I began using essential oils October 2013 after being unable to get rid of  double pneumonia.  At that point I had been using various natural remedies to get rid of allergy induced asthma I had since I gave birth to my daughter over a decade ago.  In 2010, I stopped taking inhalers etc. because I didn't see results plus they were causing other side effects.  Not to mention I didn't like all those toxins in my body and the way there causing the cells to not communicate correctly.  

I started using various herbs, healthier eating habits to attempt to get rid of this nagging asthma that was slowing down so many things in life.  It was better certain times of year, but since 2010,  I still would get bronchitis and pneumonia.  In 2013 I finally had enough, I sought out essential oils.  

​​​   Methods of Application


Young Living oils can be taken internally.  I cannot suggest this with any other brand because they do not have high standards and purity that Young Living has.  Please do not follow any recommendations on this site if you are not using Young Living Essential Oils.  

You may want to add the oil in local raw honey, milk, water, tea or  for some under the tongue.  For example, Lavender can be use to help with allergies, one drop can be placed under the tongue or on the inside of the cheek. 

Thieves blend can be place on the back of the tongue to help  with a sore throat or to have that fall spice in your coffee or tea!  One drop of Cinnamon Bark could be used on the gums to help with dental care and sinus issues. 

To build your immune system a few drops of lemon essential oil in your water also help the pH balance in your body, thin mucus and help aid digestion.  Peppermint in your water helps control internal parasites, keep you cool and helps control food cravings.   Grapefruit essentail oil can help detox your body and may help burn fat.  Lavender and Lemon make a yummy lemonaide! Possibilites are endless! 

You can also use the essential oils in cooking and baking.  They are so concentrated that you only need one drop.  1 drop of peppermint oil is equal to 16  cups of peppermint tea! Great ones to try are Black pepper, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Lemon,  Orange, Lime, Lavender, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove and many more! You can also put needed oils into a vegetable capsule.  This is great for those  that might not taste great! 

​You can apply the oils directly to a specific area of need.   You can apply it "neat" - just the oil, or diluted with a carrier oil.  On the back of each bottle it will tell you if you need to dilute or if you can apply it neat.  Always dilute hot oils like  oregano, peppermint, cinnamon, thyme and others.  

Applying to the bottom of the feet, ears and hands on the vitex points is very powerful.  For example the right big toe is good to apply oils that deal with the brain, wisdom etc.  The ball of the feet is good for the lungs.  The feet have the most and largest pores on your body and can get the oils to every cell in your body within about 20 minutes..even your hair!


Raindrop Technique is a great way to get huge results with the oils. ​ 

​                                                                                               Inhalation

You can use the oils in an ionic cold air diffuser.  Be sure to not use a hot diffuser or a warmer with these oils as the heat will ruin the potency of the oils.  See the other info on diffusing on this page!  You can also place 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand, rub together and cup over nose and mouth, breathing in deeply.  Depending on the oil this can be quite intense so closing your eyes is recommended!  

If you have respiratory issues, add 4-6 drops in boiling water, cover your head  and the container of water with a towel and breathe in deeply.  15 minutes of this will help clear your lungs and sinus cavity.  RC, Rosemary, Melrose are a few good ones to try with this.   Inhalation is best for respratory, emotional and neurological issues. 

If you don't have a diffuser and want the benefits of the oils while you sleep you can put a couple drops on a cotton ball and put it in your pillowcase for a good night's sleep. 


What Does Does the Bible Have To Say About Essential Oils? 

Over 600 references in the Bible about the use of essential oils.  Check out these pictures for just a few of them!  Send me a message if  you would like me to teach a class on the Healing Oils of the Bible.  

​​So a friend from church brought me a bottle of this amazing RC essential oil blend.  I had done some research and thought this might be something good for me to try.  Still a little skeptical, but I was desperate to get rid of these fevers, infection, stress in singing, fatigue and all the other stuff that this pneumonia was causing.  I got home and put 3 drops on the bottom of each foot.  I timed it, 24 minutes later, I was actually breathing easier!!  So, I applied more oils that night and put a few drops on a cotton balls to breathe in while I slept.  Long story, short...I didn't leave that little bottle out of my sight and a month later I got my own starter set with a diffuser and now after researching more, our entire household is 100% toxic free.  No chemicals in our medicines, skin care, cleaning,  cooking,  gardening etc.   Life has become clean and simple... peaceful.  ​​

Essential Oils for Vocal & Respiratory Health

Check out the Vocal Health page for lots of tips on how to keep the respiratory system and voice healthy with these God made oils.