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Vocal Health Tip:

Learn some basic vocal coaching tips and how to sing with freedom.

The proper vocal warm-ups and workouts are crucial for singers. Contact me to get your own customized exercises to get your voice to it's fullest potential!

Check out the Vocal Health  page for more tips!


Hey! I'm Carolyn Russell, founder of CR91. 

CR91 is about truth.  ​ ​

Do you ever feel at times that the world fills your head with so much noise, that you get distracted with your purpose?  There is hope!

Peace in life is found when we fill it with truth and purpose.

If you are seeking truth in your health, relationships, or talents God has given you creatively, this is the place for you! Go to the menu, click on an area that interest you and let's get started!

Need a vocal coach to help you learn how to sing and find YOUR style? 

I firmly believe that everyone has a beautiful voice.  You just need to learn which muscles are needed to create your own vocal style. 

If you have been told that you can't sing or if you are scared to sing in front of people use the Contact page to get connected and on the road to becoming a confident singer with a a beautiful voice! our paragraph here.

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Do you have creative giftings in the live and studio settings? Let's find an area to get you connected!